Cavender Inducted Into "Order of Merlin"

Tim Cavender being Inducted into International Brotherhood of MagiciansOn behalf of the Houdini Family, we wish to send you congratulations on the honor bestowed upon you the International Brotherhood of Magician for being inducted as a member of the Order of Merlin. This prestigious membership is an honor desired by many but achieved by few!
– Jeffery Blood, Grand Nephew of Houdini

Congratulations Tim! SARMOTI!
– Siegfried and Roy

Please accept my heartfelt congratulations on being inducted into The Order of Merlin by the International Brotherhood of Magicians! For over twenty-five years you have entertained and amazed audiences in live performances and on Atlanta television. Let's hope that the next twenty-five years is just as great!
– Lance Burton

Best - Congrats!
– Penn and Teller

Congratulations on your Order of Merlin induction. Best of luck in your magical future!
– Harry Anderson Judge Harry Stone of Night Court

Congratulations! My husband H. Houdini would be proud!
– Janet Leigh, star of Psycho and Houdini

Congratulations on being inducted into The Order of Merlin. Your magic has made many people happy - you tricky guy! You are the best.
– Russell Johnson, "The Professor" from Gilligan's Island

Congratulations Tim!
– Adam West of Batman

Congratulations on your IBM achievement. Hope to see your show one day.
– Ed Alonzo, Max on "Saved by the Bell"

I just wanted to give you my best wishes and congratulate you on your latest achievement. Your induction into The Order of Merlin is quite an honor. There is a special place in my heart for the world of magic. You are able to reach both young and old and give them moments of pure pleasure.
– Karolyn Grimes, ZuZu from It's A Wonderful Life

Well done Wizard Tim!
– Robert Goulet

Congratulations on your induction into The Order of Merlin. What a magnificent achievement this is. I know how proud you and your family must be. I understand from you wife that you are a fan of my father, Boris Karloff. I know he would have congratulated you by using one of his favorite terms: "Full Marks!" a term he used for anyone who achieve a difficult and long sought after goal!
– Sara Karloff, daughter of Boris Karloff

Yo Magician Tim!
– Nancy Cartwright, Voice of Bart Simpson

My congratulations to you for your induction into the Order of Merlin! That's awesome! Being a huge magic fan, I'm so jealous!! Ha! Congratulations
– Steve Wariner

Congratulations! Your induction into the Order of Merlin is well deserved! The first day I met you, I caught a glimpse of your magic - both in personality and professionally.
They say that it takes one to know one. Well, in my case, having lived under the same roof as "The World's Greatest Clown", I have come to learn a lot about people, especially funny people. People who effortlessly share their unique gift with the world and who make us laugh. What a elite group they are!
Bless you Tim for having the courage and the talent to follow in the path of all great "funny-men" before you. We all look forward to sharing in your humor and magic for the next 25 years.

– Monika Kelly, daughter of Emmett Kelly, Sr.

Congratulations on your forthcoming induction into the Order of Merlin I understand that you are a great fan and admirer of my dad. I wish he were here to write this note to you, however, I know he's here in spirit. He loved his fans, always saying, "It's because of my fans that I'm here."
Enjoy the wonderful journey that lies ahead Tim. Congratulations!

– Chris Costello, daughter of Lou Costello


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