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Pam and Donnie Dunagan
With Donnie Dunagan,
Voice of Bambi for Walt Disney

"While attending a seminar sponsored by a women's business association following my retirement from the airline industry, I was searching for direction and guidance as regarding how to reenter the workplace as I embarked on a new career.

Pam Cavender was the quest speaker. As she addressed the importance of projecting a professional image, I noticed that her audience was captivated by her deliverance of the material. Pam spoke with eloquence, as her sophisticated style and grace commanded the attention of everyone in the room.

– Franceska Bower

"Being the President of the Business and Professional Women of Cherokee County, I asked Pam Cavender to give a presentation at one of the meetings. She was terrific. She was a very dynamic speaker full of information on improving your personal image. After hearing her presentation I knew I had to enlist her help. For years I had the bad habit of buying what I like and not having anything to go with it, so I had a closet full of mismatched items that I never wore.

I had Pam do a consultation one day and she went through my wardrobe piece by piece, showed me wonderful ways to mix and match, what to have altered, what to throw out and suggestions for future purchases. She also gave me great tips on makeup. Being in the medical profession, my career requires me to interact with people on a very professional basis and do a lot of public speaking. I must be at my best at all times.

The time spent with Pam proved to be invaluable. She got to know me and my specific needs, and addressed my personality and style. I would recommend Pam to anyone needing a little more confidence and a need to feel put together. She is the greatest!!!! Thank you Pam for all of the help.

– Dr. Beverly Poole, New Beginning Wellness Center in Commerce, GA

"Pam has a passion of helping women feel good about themselves, regardless of size. I had the opportunity of having Pam go along with me for a fitting on a couple of new wardrobe pieces. She not only helped me with the fabric selection but her expert advice provided me with the knowledge I needed to feel comfortable about making clothing selections that were right for me.

Engaging Pam Cavender is an enlightening and fun experience, as well as a terrific investment of your time and money. She knows that improving your personal image is one of the quickest and easiest ways to ensure maximum success in both your personal and professional life.

Pam and Sara Karloff
With Sara Karloff,
Daughter of Boris Karloff

If you want to look great everyday, feel more confident, achieve greater business and personal success, give Pam a call."

– Diana Garber, endorsement of Pam's work as Image Consultant at TV Host & Image Consultant

"Pam Cavender is an elegant woman with a wonderful sense of humor. Her extensive background in image and communications and her strong desire to help me learn the key concepts that really make a difference in how I present myself combine to make her program an excellent one."

– Barbara Wourms, Professional Development Resources St. Henry, Ohio

"Pam is a top professional in the area of image. Her expertise and knowledge will fine tune not only your visual but verbal and non-verbal skills to produce a better you with confidence and style! Whether you are going for a job interview, a character actor or need to spring clean your image, Pam knows how to polish your image for a top result."

– Joyous wishes and blessings to you Bernadette Dimitrov, Australian Christmas author, inspirational speaker, and workshop leader.

You might be interested in checking Bernadette out at www.thefamilyyak.com.
Tim and I have done interviews with her for her podcast.

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