Pam CavenderPam Cavender

Pam Cavender believes that in all of us there lies a more professional image just waiting to emerge. "Image" is so much more than a make-over or wardrobe change. Rather, it is polishing ones visual, verbal and non verbal skills.

Pam's career has been image! She appeared with Academy Award winner Kathy Bates in Fried Green Tomatoes. She was selected by her peers as "Most Congenial" in the Mrs. Georgia pageant. And when Dr. Joyce Brothers needed some assistance in looking polished for a television commercial, Pam Cavender was there!

Her knowledge in image consulting has led many of her customers to the top! Pageant contestants, models and today's business leaders have turned to Pam for help in creating a more professional image.

A graduate of the internationally known London Image Institute, Pam is dedicated to making a better you.

Her areas of expertise include:
• Principles of Dress
• Body Language/Communication Skills
• Makeup Application Techniques
• Hairstyle Techniques
• Shopping Practices
• Interviewing Skills

Pam states, “Image is more than a make-over or wardrobe change,
it’s developing a sense of confidence and style.”

Contact Pam at 770-367-3648 or email pamcavender@tds.net

Tim CavenderTim Cavender

Tim Cavender is a dreamer and rainbow chaser who believes that you can accomplish anything in life as long as you believe in yourself. Tim travels nationwide in the guise of a highly regarded magician, comedian and motivational speaker promoting his philosophy of "going after your dreams."

Tim has made a lot of his dreams come true! He has performed and entertained on radio and television. He was the late Sonny Bono's personal assistant for a few days and even got a chance to travel around Charlotte Motor Speedway at 120 mph. Tim has produced national award winning videos and has appeared in newspapers and magazines. His hometown elected him as a city councilman and during his career in radio, he was recognized as one of the top ten disc-jockeys in the Christian music industry. He has accomplished a lot and he wants to do even more because dreamers are the ones who enjoy life.

The Magic Within You is a delightful and lighthearted presentation that features magic, comedy and a motivational message that will inspire you to become a dreamer!

It's mainly the joy of seeing the smiles, excitement and wonderment that keeps Cavender performing. According to Tim, "There is no doubt in my mind that laughter is the world's greatest magic! Believe in magic, but most of all, believe in yourself!"

Contact Tim at 770-735-4263 or tcavender@tds.net
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