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Consulting with PamIt's Monday morning and you have an important meeting with a client - you've showered and finalized your morning hygiene routine. Time-wise you're doing OK, despite the fact that you hit the snooze button on your alarm clock a couple of times! Now it's time to go to your closet to make your decision on just what to wear to achieve that dressed for success look. You begin to plow through the displayed items of clothing that are packed in the closet ever so tightly to find that good-looking navy jacket. Good deal! Now, what about the few wrinkles you noticed. You can't take time to press them. Next time you will plan ahead, right?

Professional Image Consultants teach various tips that help their clients better prepare for the daily task of getting ready for work. With a little forethought and preparation, you can avoid this time-consuming task and begin your day with a much more pleasant attitude, and even a little extra time to spare. As the warmer seasons start, we begin thinking about pruning trees and weeding out dead wood. The concept of organizing your closet is much like that of pruning. Think about donating those items that you have not worn in a year or you have saved for when you lose a little weight to a worthy cause or use consignment shops as an option to recover a portion of the money you spent on them. The pieces that are to remain a part of your wardrobe should be set aside and not hung back in your closet until they are cleaned, pressed and mended, if necessary.

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Start thinking about creating a 'core' wardrobe that will work for you, not against you. A 'core' wardrobe or 'capsule' wardrobe consists of at least two jackets, skirts, or slacks that blend with the jackets, and at least two pairs of smart looking pumps, generally black and taupe (black and cordovan brown shoes for the gentlemen). Both men and women should have a couple of transition weight suits. Men need around eight shirts and several ties.

Pam CavenderYour energy, money and time should be invested in a wardrobe that can work with versatility. Resist keeping a 'fat' and 'skinny' clothes hanging in your closet. The truth is that clothes like these are usually out of style by the time you have lost that weight. Discipline yourself by resolving to eliminate unnecessary pieces of clothing that do not work well with other clothes.

When organizing your closet, remember to organize your accessories and categorize your clothing as they pertain to work, play, and corporate casual, whichever applies to you. A professional consultant can assist you in these areas by offering personal shopping services. Be aware that a capsule wardrobe is based on quality, not quantity. Preparation for your day will be so much smoother and less stressful when you have a handle on closet organization. You may even have time for an extra cup of coffee or an early morning reflection. Time is precious! Our days are complicated enough without battling the 'confusion of the closet' first thing in the morning. IMAGINE THAT!

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